All images on this website are excepts from an ongoing project called "Dog".

"Dog" is a frenetic, erratic, complex collection of images and short texts. They mostly exist as hand-cut prints on Fujiflex, which are impermanently bound into generic sketchbooks - an intentionally casual approach to complex and puzzling subject matter. The images on this site are mostly photographs of pages from those sketchbooks.  From this collection of about 130 small prints (which as a collection of sketchbooks form an artwork in their own right), new ones are made in different sizes and with newly cut edges for wall mounted exhibits and so on.

''Dog'' is a kind of psychological/philosophical outpouring of thoughts on how we see what we see around us. Our view on the world is essentially a complex web of constantly shifting symbols (almost like organic maps) that have something to do with physicality, but they are not physical in themselves, despite seeming entirely ''real'' in our own experience. This is how we become so drawn into the "not real", such as cinema, social media, conversation, dreams, music and so on without effort. The seemingly erratic nature of the collection is an essential part of "Dog", as it seems to be the only way of describing in any honest and thoughtful sense how we use these ''symbols of perception'' to acknowledge the world around us. There may well be visual themes running through a number of the images, but the responsibility of "Dog" is more about the offering-up of the underlying tangents of our perception, rather than declaring visual coherence between them.

Photographer based in London, UK.

Before I took up photography in 2012, I was a sculptor using ceramics (2003-12).  

I won an Association Of Photographers award in 2014, and the John Kobal New Work Award at the Taylor Wessing Photographic Portrait Prize in 2016 (where I also got the People's Pick and I was then commissioned by The National Portrait Gallery to produce an image for their Permanent Collection).

I also shoot commercially.  Clients (selected): Adidas; The British Museum; Canon; GQ magazine; Ordinary magazine; Wired magazine; Stuff magazine; Virgin; Nationwide; SKY TV; Compare The Market; The National Portrait Gallery.  For commercial commissions, I am represented by advertising agent Mark George.  

My photographic training is technical and commercial, having worked as a lighting assistant on high end advertising and editorial campaigns for about 30 different photographers.  

Models used in some of the images: Lily Wang; The Residents; Carla Tofano; Harry Alexander; Emma Mills; Alice Panda; Joanna Bird; Jordan James Bridge; Connor Williams; Rebecca Gilhooley; James Barnes; Sanna Kelly.  

Two of the images are in collaboration with artist Alex Dipple (with funding from a-n magazine), and ''the dogs are in charge'' is the text/handwriting of friend Chris Bryant.


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Instagram: @JoshRedmanPhoto

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