All images on this website are excepts from an ongoing project called "DOG".

“DOG” is an intentionally frenetic, erratic, complex collection of images and short texts.They mostly exist as hand-cut prints on Fujiflex, which are impermanently bound into generic sketch books. The sketch books themselves are a one-off piece in their own right, but from there the images can be reprinted, re-arranged, re-curated for wall mounted displays and so on.

I went through some fairly troubling mental health difficulties as a kid, which culminated in a full-blown psychotic episode at age 19 (hearing/seeing things, bizarre complex delusions brought about by trying to rationalise the voices and visions). By 2006 I'd made a full recovery.  But as the symptoms fade, one thing never goes away: this realisation that the stuff we experience with our senses and the stuff we are interacting with are two related but very different things. To crawl out of my psychosis, I had to make sense of whatever it was that put me there, which was no less than the dichotomy between physicality and perception itself rearing its ugly head in extraordinary ways.

When I first started “DOG” it was a kind of educated impulse. I could sense “truth” in the images when they worked, and I knew that the seemingly incompatible nature of the growing collection of images was part of that “truth”. I have really produced the entire project by feeling (and later on attempting to catch up with my instincts through fairly wide ranging research). That feeling comes from recognising visual ideas which hold specific yet amorphous and complex information on the nature of that border between physicality and our perceptive interpretation of it.

“DOG” is a series of exclamations, over and over again and in a wide variety of ways, about this tightrope that we are walking without even knowing it - perceptive maps/symbols/overlays, pulling us along, the rope itself in constant flux, our fingers blindly trying to get a hold of it as we are dragged along. It’s really a miracle that we can function as we do, and yet, by and large, we do. 

Photographer based in London, UK.

Before I took up photography in 2012, I was a sculptor using ceramics (2003-12).  

I won an Association Of Photographers award in 2014, and the John Kobal New Work Award at the Taylor Wessing Photographic Portrait Prize in 2016 (where I also got the People's Pick and I was then commissioned by The National Portrait Gallery to produce an image for their Permanent Collection).

I also shoot commercially.  Clients (selected): Adidas; The British Museum; Canon; GQ magazine; Ordinary magazine; Wired magazine; Stuff magazine; Virgin; Nationwide; SKY TV; Compare The Market; The National Portrait Gallery.  For commercial commissions, I am represented by advertising agent Mark George.  

My photographic training is technical and commercial, having worked as a lighting assistant on high end advertising and editorial campaigns for about 30 different photographers.  

Models used in some of the images: Lily Wang; The Residents; Carla Tofano; Harry Alexander; Emma Mills; Alice Panda; Joanna Bird; Jordan James Bridge; Connor Williams; Rebecca Gilhooley; James Barnes; Sanna Kelly.  

Two of the images are in collaboration with artist Alex Dipple (with funding from a-n magazine), and ''the dogs are in charge'' is the text/handwriting of friend Chris Bryant.


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Instagram: @JoshRedmanPhoto

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